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Chairman’s Report 2018, Presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in April

The Council has come to the end of its term in office, and I must thank all the councillors for their work and dedication during this time. They all have busy lives and home commitments but still manage to care for their community. This has shown particularly in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan where each of them has contributed in some way towards the work involved.

When we first talked about the Guilsborough Neighbourhood Plan many moons ago I thought it was something which would take a Iot of work, but I never dreamt how much work or what an amazing and truly professional document it would prove to be. I do not like naming individuals as I could name each councillor in turn for what he or she has done over the past year, both individually and as a team, but I think they will agree with me that Councillor Metcalfe and Councillor O’Neil should be singled out for their work on the Neighbourhood Plan I do sometimes wonder how they found time to eat and sleep.

The other two people I must mention are Councillor Hart who is always there with his calm manner and sound and practical advice and who is hands on too with his care of the playground and Guilsborough in general, and our Parish Clerk Carol James who supports us so well and deals patiently and efficiently with her work and all our queries and problems.

I am not going to list all the council has done over the past year, suffice it to say that it has done its duty and often gone a step further. I would like to thank Councillor Evans for her work with us, she has decided to step down now and we wish her well in the future. The other councillors have been returned for the next term in office and I would like to thank them all for what they have achieved to make Guilsborough a good place to live. Thank you too Carol for your work.

Sarah Jaggard Chair to Guilsborough PC  

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